TRAFFIX Play Date Policy

March 15, 2019

To request a play date, please send an email to Please include your child’s name and the route and stop you are asking to use. You should receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. If your request is approved, please print your email and have your child show it to the driver when boarding. If you have questions, First Student Dispatch may be reached at (925) 363-7327.

Students who are not registered TRAFFIX riders cannot ride the bus. TRAFFIX pass holders may ride on a different route or get off at a different stop if they have requested permission in writing from First Student at least two days in advance. Two days’ notice is defined as two school days. For example, you must notify First Student on Monday for a play date on Wednesday (Tuesday for Thursday, Wednesday for Friday, Thursday for Monday, Friday for Tuesday). For questions on this policy, contact the TRAFFIX Administrative Coordinator at or 925-866-8739.

No play date travel will be allowed without proper advanced permission from First Student. This is a very important student safety issue. We must know where all our riders are and be able to document students riding beyond their established routes or stops. We also do not want to overbook the seats on any bus.