School Bus Fleet

The Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency Board of Directors has purchased 23 Saf-T-Liner® HDX buses for the TRAFFIX fleet. This model is the mainstay of transit-style fleets and has helped school buses become the safest form of transportation.

With a capacity of 56 high school, 64 middle school, or 80 elementary students, these buses feature an innovative seat and belt system for added safety. The SafeGuard FlexSeat™ employs a “compartmentalization” technique, where well-padded, energy-absorbing, high-backed seats are placed in a close and geometrical configuration to create a protective envelope. This envelope, combined with lap-shoulder seat belts, provides measurable crash protection.

Other safety features include GPS, closed-circuit video monitoring and an oversized windshield giving the driver greater visibility. Plus, a bumper mounted gate called a “Crossing Control Arm” on the front that extends when boarding or discharging students. This encourages students to walk several feet away from the front of the bus, keeping them safely in the bus driver’s direct line of sight.

A steel-frame, steel structural supports in the skirt area and the rear-engine design, not only create a quiet and comfortable ride, but provide additional safety measures. With passenger safety as top priority, this fleet meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for school buses.

The TRAFFIX fleet will not only be safe, but also environmentally friendly. The Saf-T-Liner® HDX buses have the MBE900 series Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, which uses cleaner burning fuel than standard gas buses.