Rider Guide

Here’s what you can do to ensure a safe and successful bus ride!


Walking to and Waiting for Your Bus

  • Find your designated bus stop ahead of time
  • Plan your walking route to the bus stop with parent or guardian
  • Get to your stop five minutes early
  • Have your TRAFFIX Pass ready to display
  • Wait quietly at the stop away from the street
  • Make sure the bus driver can see you! If you can’t see the bus driver’s eyes, you are too close to the bus!

Boarding the TRAFFIX Bus

  • Wait until the bus is stopped, and the bus driver says it’s OK, before boarding
  • Hold on to the rails while boarding
  • Show the bus driver your TRAFFIX pass
  • Find a seat, sit down, and buckle up!
  • Keep the aisle clear
  • Don’t bring anything on the bus that is not allowed at school

Riding the TRAFFIX Bus

  • Keep your seat belt on at all times
  • Remain seated at all times
  • Keep body parts inside the bus at all times
  • Talk quietly with friends
  • Listen to the bus driver, who always wants to make sure you are safe
  • Don’t stand while the bus is moving
  • If you have any questions or concerns, ask your friendly TRAFFIX bus driver!

Getting Off the TRAFFIX Bus

  • Keep your seat belt on until the bus driver says it is OK to take it off
  • Don’t get off the bus until you are sure you are at the correct stop
  • Wait until the bus is stopped, and the bus driver says it’s OK, before getting off the bus
  • Don’t push or shove
  • Once you are off the bus, don’t run in front of the bus or in between buses
  • If you need to cross the street to get home, you must wait for the bus driver to escort you across the street safely

Additional Behavior Guidelines

  • No sharing bus passes
  • No eating, drinking or littering on the bus
  • Do not throw objects out of, on, or at bus
  • No harassing others
  • No fighting, profanity or spitting
  • Do not vandalize the bus, bus stop or surrounding property
  • No smoking or fire hazards on bus
  • No illegal substance abuse or controlled substance use

Disciplinary Action

  • A verbal warning shall be issued to students violating behavior guidelines
  • After a verbal warning, an Incident Report Form shall be submitted to the school, the student’s parents and First Student
  • The school may take appropriate disciplinary action
  • The TRAFFIX Program Manager may suspend or revoke transportation privileges without refund
  • Parents/guardians are financially responsible for vandalism caused by their child


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the TRAFFIX Administrative Coordinator at 925-973-2649. We’re here to help make your TRAFFIX experience a great one!