Will TRAFFIX provide pickup service for the 7th period classes?

August 9, 2022

TRAFFIX is a traffic congestion relief agency primarily funded through the Contra Costa Measure J ½-cent Transportation Sales Tax. TRAFFIX is unique from a traditional home-to-school school bus program in that its purpose is to relieve traffic congestion at the busiest times of the day, which is during regular school drop-off and pick-ups times. TRAFFIX currently has a 23-bus fleet with six buses serving Monte Vista High School and one bus each at San Ramon Valley and California High Schools. As the Program’s primary funding source (Measure J) is limited and is required to primarily serve as a congestion reduction program, expansion of the fleet and/or running routes that serve off-peak times of travel is not possible at this time. More specifically, TRAFFIX is not able to provide service from East Danville to Monte Vista High School for “7th” Period students (during a less-congested time of day) due to several additional factors including round trip distances and travel time limitations.